Week 4 Assignment

Week 4 Assignment - font the better, especially or file...

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Week 4 Assignment CIS206 Case 8-2: Any time we are choosing backgrounds, fonts and colors we have to consider usability. Without complete function, it is not efficient to the work space. For example if you have to change icons or fonts to be able to use certain programs over others then one has just wasted a few moments when a more universal, usable method can be implemented. Whether the color scheme is dark, medium, or light it is very necessary that all colors contrast well enough to be able to see the font. Using a good color choice makes it easier to see font over opposite colors. Using easily read fonts is choice so there is no confusion over readability and compatibility. The more universal the
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Unformatted text preview: font the better, especially or file sharing. Case 8-3: I would tell Susan to gather some information about where it is the file or folder is on the server drive, then I would tell her to gather the UNC information. To get this information I would have her gather the required information to fill in the format: server name\path\folder name. The basic instructions would be: 1) Press and hold the Windows key 2) Tap the letter r on your keyboard while the Windows key is depressed. 3) Type in the path for your folder ( in this case it would be \\Filesvr001\ drive letter\Project)...
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Week 4 Assignment - font the better, especially or file...

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