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perimental Lab Student Report Lab #: 1 Lab Title: Windows 2003 Server Installation Student Name: Date: 03/04/2011 Watch the video of the Windows 2003 Server installation and answer the following questions. 1. How do you accept the license? By pressing F8 2. What else can the installation CD do besides simply installing Windows Server 2003? It can repair a previous copy, format the hard drive. 3. What is the command to create a 6 GB partition? Hit C at the menu and enter 6000 for the size 4. What file system is used? NTFS 5. Which version of Windows is being installed? a. Web b. Standard c. Enterprise 6. After the system reboots, about how many more minutes will it take? About 39
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Unformatted text preview: 7. In the Personalize your software dialog box, what is the significance of typing your name? Where else will it be seen? Your name will automatically appear in any installation of other Microsoft products. 8. How many Client Access Licenses do you have by default? 5 9. In the Network Settings dialog box, what is the difference between typical settings and custom settings? A typical setting will automatically set up the client info for basic sharing protocols. Some of which are TCP/IP settings, file sharing, and printer sharing. Custom settings allow the user to select the services they want/need and configure them manually....
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