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freewriting of the loss of the creature

freewriting of the loss of the creature - students feel the...

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Jack Ren college writing 2011/7/21 Free writing In Percy’s article, he talks about tour in the first part, and he talks about the feeling of the students’ education in the second part. In the first part, Percy mentions that travelers always follow the guide and they like staying with other travelers. If they find the view is the same as the picture, they will feel satisfaction. They usually do not believe the things that they saw are the “real” view if the view is not the same as their preformed symbolic complex. Percy also gives an example about an American couple. They went to a new place where they never gone before. It is a very good place, but they were anxiety because they think that is too good to be true. Only if the ethnologist affirms that things are authentic, the couple will feel it is genuine. In the second part, Percy claims that students’ feeling different for the same thing between in the class and out of the class. He gives two examples. The one is that
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Unformatted text preview: students feel the sonnet of Shakespeare is beauty when they read the sonnet by themselves; however, when they read the sonnet follow the teacher’s way, they feel the sonnet is so boring. The other example is about the biology students. They will want to understand the dogfish deeply if they catch the dogfish by themselves. Nonetheless, the teacher gives them the dogfish and asks them to dissect the dogfish. The students will not want to do the dissection experiment any more. The author uses the first part as an intro to introduce the next part. The main thing he wants to tell us is the second part. It is difficult to understand, therefore, he uses tour’s experience to make his opinion easy to understand. He wants to tell the teachers do not always ask students follow their way to learn new things. The students should create their own way to learn....
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