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Assignment Week2 Project - Assignment Week2 Project What is...

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Assignment Week2 Project What is meant by a work breakdown structure, and how does it help manage projects? (Points: 5) The work breakdown structure is a map of the project and helps to assure project managers that all products and work  elements are identified, to integrate the project with the current organization, and to establish a basis for control. Identify and describe the five steps of defining a project. Defining the Project Scope is a document that will be published and used by the project owner and project participants for planning and measuring project success. The project scope should define the results to be achieved in specific, tangible and measurable terms. Establishing Project Priorities might vary from project to project. Making a project priorities matrix to clearly inform the customers and top management what the priorities and the expectations are for the project. This is to make sure that there are no misunderstanding before the project starts. Creating the Work Breakdown Structure is developed, into organizational units and individuals are assigned responsibility for executing work packages. Integrating the WBS with the Organization- the WBS is used to link the organizational units responsible for preforming the work. When this happens the outcome of this process is the organized breakdown structure. The OBS depicts how the firm has organized to discharge work responsibilities. Coding the WBS for the Information Systems- the codes are used to define levels and elements in the
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Assignment Week2 Project - Assignment Week2 Project What is...

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