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CheckPoint Week5 MGMT - Checkpoint Week5 MGMT What is...

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Checkpoint Week5 MGMT What is Change Control Management, and what function does it perform? A major element of the risk control process is change management. Every detail of a project plan will not materialize as expected. The way the change control management works is when change happens whether it be scope, implantation of contingency plans, Improvement. The way the project team and management cope with the change in order to make sure the project is finished on time. What is a risk profile, and what benefits does it provide to risk management? A risk profile is a list of questions that address traditional areas of uncertainty on a project. The questions have been developed and refined from previous, similar project. So those projects will have some of the same risk involved in your project. What is functional conflict, and why should it be encouraged? A functional conflict is a disagreement that contributes to the objectives of the project. It is encouraged because there is conflict in everyday life and how the team response to the function conflict is what is important. Out of the conflict come some great ideas and products. Identify and briefly discuss the four major steps in facilitating the group decision-making process. 1. Problem identification should always be stated as a choice. The project manager
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CheckPoint Week5 MGMT - Checkpoint Week5 MGMT What is...

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