Generic TDA grading Rubric 30 point model

Generic TDA grading Rubric 30 point model - To add quality...

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TDA grading Rubric = 30 points 1. Frequency is valued at 2 points for each of the 3 TDA posts for each of the 2 graded TDA [6 total] for a total of 12 maximum per week. 2. Quality is measured from high 3 points each, medium 2 points each, low 1 point each and unsatisfactory, 0 points each for a total of 18 maximum per week. 3. Missing days are valued at -3 points per missing day per graded TDA. 4. Missing the Wednesday posting deadline is - 2 points.
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Unformatted text preview: To add quality to your posts, please use the terms in each post and add a website and address the relevant concepts/TCOs in it. Always provide IN-TEXT citations and your source, where applicable. Never use Wikipedia! Please remember to post to each Graded TDA every time you are online. That way you won’t miss days or posts by accident....
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