7C Final - HILD 7C Final Exam Study Guide The final is an...

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HILD 7C Final Exam Study Guide The final is an in-class, closed-book exam scheduled for Monday, June 6 from 11:30-2:30pm. There will be no make-up exams. The exam will consist of two essays and five identifications. The following sample essay questions and identification terms are designed to help you prepare for the midterm. Part I (Sample Essay Questions): In each essay you are expected to include a main argument that addresses the question and support your argument with evidence from class lectures, readings, handouts, films, and discussions. 1.) The Chicano Movement: Imagine you are hanging out with two of your friends, talking race, history, and politics. The conversation turns to the Chicano Movement and your two friends voice two very different points of view. One of your friends vehemently insists that the Movement was a radical break from previous generations of Mexican American politics because it was more revolutionary and militant than anything that came before it. The other argues that the Movement had much in common with previous traditions of Mexican American multi-racial, internationalist, and anti- capitalist politics. As the argument gains intensity, they ask you for your thoughts. Use material from class lectures, readings, films, and discussions to assess and evaluate each of their positions. Do you believe the Chicano Movement is best explained by its continuity or discontinuity (or both) with the longer history Mexican American politics, culture, and identity? Questions you should consider include: What were the different political strategies, cultural expressions, and organizations of ethnic Mexicans during the Movement? How were such politics and culture different or similar to Mexican
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7C Final - HILD 7C Final Exam Study Guide The final is an...

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