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WK 1 DQ1 - Without a good diet a person could be lacking...

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Please post a 150-300 word response to the following discussion question: Define the terms health and wellness. Figure 1.1 on p. 4 illustrates the dimensions of health and the wellness continuum. What are some of the most important elements of health and wellness? Explain your response. Health is someone’s physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of one’s body and environment. Wellness is defined as the achievement of the highest level of health possible in each of several dimensions. I think some of the most important elements to one’s health and wellness would be diet, exercise, and sleep. Without sleep one cannot function and in the long run a person is actually losing years in their life from just lack of sleep.
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Unformatted text preview: Without a good diet a person could be lacking the nutrients one needs to have a healthy body. Poor diet and lead into other physical problems like anemia and other nutrient deficiencies. Last, exercise is another key factor I maintaining good health and wellness. It will keep you in shape, healthy and happy. Exercising ultimately will make one want to eat better, and can help one sleep better. I try to eat healthy, and will portion my food that way I am not over eating. I exercise everyday whether that be playing outside with my kids or running at night. Keeping myself busy during the day ends up causing me to want to go to bed earlier and sleep through the night....
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