CP stress techniques - There are many techniques that I use...

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1 Personal Stress Techniques CP Check Point: Personal Stress Techniques Ashley Martin SCI/164 Kisha Calbert
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2 Personal Stress Techniques CP July 1, 2011 CP: Personal Stress Techniques I have many stressor in my life related to time management. For one, because I am not very well with time management I do not sit my alarm far enough in advance and I wake up late. Waking up late cause me to run late with everything I need to do that day. I drop my daughter off most days of the week to school late. This causes stress for me. Being in college makes you have to start prioritizing and can help one get better at time management. For me, I wait to the last minute to do assignments. This causes me to be stressed on getting the assignment done, and makes me very frustrated when I am in a hurry.
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Unformatted text preview: There are many techniques that I use to help reduce my stress. A lot of the time I step out and take a breather when I am stressed. Playing softball and doing batting practice during the week helps me reduce stress. Cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, and running are also all ways that help my cope with my stress. If I could set more time to do these assignments I would not be rushing to do them. Maybe if I could start setting my alarm even earlier and trying not to hit it off, would help me get up on time starts my day off great by getting to places on time. If I could start planning a couple hours a day to only do work I think I would be able to start getting everything done without rushing....
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CP stress techniques - There are many techniques that I use...

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