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Axia College Material Appendix F Security Manager Interview Directions Contact a security manager and conduct the interview listed in Part I (space has been provided for extra questions, should you ask any). Once the interview has been completed, answer the questions in Part II. Part I: Interview Questionnaire 1. Can you briefly describe your current position, its duties, and responsibilities? I am the security office manager and hiring manager , I run the office as well as decide who to hire as new guards. It is my responsibility to make sure the clients are well taken care of by making sure that I am hiring good quality guards. 2. What is your hiring procedure like for personnel? I test the prospects to see their profenciency and to make sure they are qualified. I also have the guards drug tested to make sure they are clean. I check the guards references and make sure they really have the training they say they have. If everything checks out then there will be a second interview where I find out what they want from the job. 3. Is there any type of pre-employment screening? The pre-employment screening consisits of a drug test and a simple knowledge test. If these two test can not be passed then the prospect will not be hired. There is also a criminal background check run in each applicant.
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cjs250_appendix_f - Axia College Material Appendix F...

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