Judges - Running head: JUDGES 1 Judges Jennifer Wilkins...

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Running head: JUDGES 1 Judges Jennifer Wilkins CJS/220 May 15, 2011 Farrell Binder
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JUDGES 2 Judges In this paper we will discuss the responsibilities of a judge. Also, we will discuss by identifying the attributes of what makes an effective and an ineffective judge. We will also provide examples of an effective and ineffective Supreme Court judge. This paper will also discuss the possible consequences of ineffectiveness, and determine the course of action of ineffective judges. I am quite sure everyone has seen either on TV or inside of a real courtroom the judge sitting high above the rest of the courtroom dressed in a black robe. Have you ever wondered the judge is really doing while he or she is sitting up there? Just what are the responsibilities of a judge? A judge has more responsibilities that you would think. There are different duties of court judges depending on the extent of their jurisdiction and power. Nevertheless, the main responsibility of all court judges is primarily to "apply the law and oversee the legal process in courts" (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008). This is made possible by presiding over all sorts of cases and listening to the attorney representing each party. Aside from this, judges can also work outside the courtroom and perform private practice. Duties done by the judges outside the courtroom include reading documents on pleadings and motions, researching legal issues, writing opinions, and overseeing the court's operations" (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008). Moreover, in doing this, what is most important above anything else is that court judges "must ensure that trials and hearings are conducted fairly and that the court safeguards the legal rights of all parties involved" (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008). The judge then has the responsibility of sitting through the preliminary hearings and the
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Judges - Running head: JUDGES 1 Judges Jennifer Wilkins...

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