Police Ethics and Deviance

Police Ethics and Deviance - Running head: POLICE ETHICS...

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Running head: POLICE ETHICS AND DEVIANCE 1 Police Ethics and Deviance Jennifer Wilkins CJS/210 January 23, 2011 James Weidig
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POLICE ETHICS AND DEVIANCE 2 Police Ethics and Deviance Ethical and deviant behaviors in policing vary greatly between all police departments across America. The United States today faces many serious problems with its criminal justice system due to dishonesty and inability to perform tasks effectively. Police departments around the country have taken some initiatives to combat unethical deviant behavior within their organizations. In today's society, ethics are known as proper moral values in which people evaluate behavior. Ethics are also known as universal rules in which people are expected to adhere to in order to be equal to others without offending them. Ethics in society are basic rules of thumb as in having good judgment, treating others with respect and knowing when much offense is taken when saying or expressing things. In policing, ethics may involve some of the same principles that I just mentioned but may have other extreme additions to it. One major thing that a person has to understand that police officers and other personnel of the police department must be held at a higher caliber of scrutiny when it comes to ethics. Police officers and other personnel have to set the example as model citizens in order to promote faith in
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Police Ethics and Deviance - Running head: POLICE ETHICS...

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