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Running head: POLICE DISCRETION 1 Police Discretion Jennifer Wilkins CJS/210 January 9, 2010 Jim Weidig
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POLICE DISCRETION 2 Police Discretion Police officers in the United States and around the world have an extremely hard job both physically and mentally. Police discretion is a tool that officers use every day on their jobs (Odom 2009). It is a decision making process where the officer deduces from the situation and observation the best solution. For example, an officer pulls over a driver for running a red light. The officer must decide whether or not to issue the driver a citation. If the officer feels the driver isn’t intoxicated, or a danger to others, the officer may let the driver go with just a warning. The officer might pull over another car for the same thing, but issue the citation because the driver was a danger to other drivers on the road. Discretion is used to make things fair. Not all people are doing things to break a law sometimes there is a good reason in their minds. An example I have happened this past week in Houston. A man’s wife went into labor and he was trying to get
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Police Discretion - Running head: POLICE DISCRETION 1...

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