Summer 2011 Session B Business Writing Syllabus

Summer 2011 Session B Business Writing Syllabus - 1109EC...

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1 109EC (Writing for Business) Summer 2011 Instructor: Robert Krut Office: South Hall 1517 Email: Office Hours: T/Th 7-8 am, and by appointment Texts: All materials will be via email and the web—please be prepared to print out numerous handouts for class. I have found this to be a more affordable means of distributing class materials than a traditional reader. Other Required Materials: An active email account*; Pen and paper for each class; * Email is essential to the course, as I will frequently send out messages, and your business plan group will need to contact you. You must actively maintain your email account (check it everyday). Course Description: Writing 109EC is specifically designed for students who are taking Economics or Business Economics classes, intending to pursue a career in business, or planning to go to graduate business school. Any student planning to be active in a profession, to start a business, or to work in some administrative or managerial capacity, will benefit. We will focus on appropriate strategies, style and format used in various types of professional business writing (notably, business proposals, reports, resumes, memos, and letters). Important aspects of written communication such as audience, visual effect, appropriate word choice, effective sentence structure, professional format, planning and revising will be stressed. Respect, Trust, Honesty: All of us in this class are equal—please know that you enter this class with my respect and trust. These are essential qualities to any writing class. As such, please exhibit these qualities in your interactions with classmates, and me. I firmly believe that nothing can be accomplished in a classroom where all class members (including the teacher) do not respect and trust one another. Grading: Your grade will be based on three criteria. See the chart below: Major Assignments (except finalized Business Plan) 50% Professionalism in Practice/Participation and Attendance 10% Business Plan 40% Major Assignments: You will have a variety of assignments (including the Business Plan) in this course. They are:
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Summer 2011 Session B Business Writing Syllabus - 1109EC...

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