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AFF Blocks on AA - Neg Argument Already Served Purpose AFF...

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AFF Blocks Neg Argument Aff Block Already Served Purpose 1. This argument implies that there is no discrimination now, which is rather racist. Cross apply Contention 2 about inherent racism. 2. Jena 6 example from 2006 proves racism still exists 3. Ask for evidence that EVERYTHING is equal? If they cant prove this, than affirmative action still needed in some areas. 4. really now? If it has already served its purpose then not only should racism no longer exist but equal opportunity should be available to all minorities without necessarily hating on the white people 5. what was its purpose… then Increases Dropout Rates 1. Firstly, it is better to have 9/10 people dropout and one graduate, then to have none at all be able to go to that college. 2. Secondly, it is the college’s fault for this. AA means that one can use race as a factor, it does not mandate that a college needs to take X amount of minorities. If they pick unqualified minorities, that it is their fault, not affirmative actions. AA is just a tool. 3. increase drop out rate must link directly to AA. If the arg is that AA somehow is the result of students doing badly in a world in which they now have a BUNCH of resources, assets, books, computers, professors to take advantage and they fail. We give them access to a world in which they can succeed Unconstitutional 1. Constitution is not god, it has mistake. Look to slavery. 2. Our constitution is very “white-centric,” it came to existence through the 3/5 compromise, of course it will not benefit blacks
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3. Show me in constitution where it specifically says AA is bad. They cannot. 4. supreme court that ultimately interprets laws on the basis of the constitution has declared AA necessary and important Reverse Discrimination 1. Reverse Discrimination is not much of a problem CQ Researcher states that Kenneth Jost. “Rethinking Affirmative Action.” CQ Researcher. Apr 28, 1995 Rutgers' Blumrosen also cast doubt on the extent of reverse discrimination , in a study prepared for the Department of Labor. After studying federal court decisions in job-bias complaints from mid-1990 to mid-1994, he found only 21 individual complaints of
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AFF Blocks on AA - Neg Argument Already Served Purpose AFF...

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