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Peter Nauka SFHS Pofo NEG Outline 1 My partner and I stand in firm negation of today’s resolution, “Resolved: That on balance, the United State’s use of Private Security Contractors has been beneficial.” Our first contention is that there is no mechanism to control contractors. This has two implications Firstly, there is a lack of military jurisdiction over PSC which damages the lines of communication between contractors and the Army A Report by the Gansler Commission specifies Gansler Commission. “Commission on Army Acquisition and Program Management in Expeditionary Operations” Oct 31, 2007. Under the current organization , none of the contracting commands have responsibility to synchronize all aspects of contracting below the Army Secretariat level . This adversely affects those within the profession and outside the profession . Within the contracting profession, no single advocate for a “cradle to grave” career plan for excellence exists. Outside the profession, commanders and contractors have to deal with multiple heads of contracting activities (HCAs) and principal assistants responsible for contracting (PARCs). These multiple interactions can result in varying policy interpretations and poor operations . These effects are compounded in the expeditionary environment, with its heightened contracting workload, complexity, and tempo.” Since PSC do not fall under military power, the lines of communication are weak because they have no incentive to talk to the military. A lack of communications can have severe implications because the force in Iraq will be less coordinated and will be more vulnerable to enemy forces. A Brookings Institute Article in 2007 provides a tangible example in the incident of Fallujah: Peter Singer. “Can’t Win With ‘Em, Can’t Go To War Without ‘Em: Private Military Contractors and Counterinsurgency.” The Brookings Institute. Sept 2007 There are two notable aspects about the Falluja episode as it relates to counterinsurgency. First, the town had been restive since the invasion, but as former Marine Bing West describes in his masterful book No True Glory: A Front Line Account of the Battle of Fallujah , the Marine unit that deployed into the area in 2004 had a classic counterinsurgency plan to simultaneously build up local trust in the community and weed out insurgents. 50 As Major General Mattis said, they would “. ..demonstrate to the
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Peter Nauka SFHS Pofo NEG Outline 1 world there is ‘No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy’ than a U.S. Marine.”
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case example - Peter Nauka SFHS Pofo NEG Outline 1 My...

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