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Running head: PRELIMINARIES 1 Preliminaries Dawn Zuehlke Rasmussen College Authors Note This research is being submitted on (Date) for Rama Ramaswamy   B350 course at Rasmussen College by Dawn Zuehlke
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PRELIMINARIES 2 Situation A in which gasoline rationing, is a poor social policy because it interferes with the workings of the competitive market system is a normative analysis. It states an opinion on the subject of gasoline rationing. It states that it is “poor” policy. The word poor describes it in a way that gives it a good or bad outcome, thus it is considered a normative analysis. A normative analysis takes into affect the outcome and considers what is “best,” which is exactly what the Situation B in which gasoline rationing, is a policy under which more people are made worse off than better off and is a positive analysis. It simply states the cause and effect and its relationship to one another. In this case, the cause is the rationing of gasoline. The effect is more
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DZuehlke_Preliminaries_070911 - Running head: PRELIMINARIES...

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