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Network+ Guide to Networks, 4 th Edition Solutions 15 - 1 Network+ Guide to Networks, 4 th Edition Chapter 15 Solutions Review Questions 1. In project planning, what is the purpose of a milestone? c. to mark the completion of a major task or group of tasks 2. In a project to install a new mail server and upgrade the version of Sendmail used on a network, which of the following stakeholders would also be a sponsor? d. the IT manager who approves the purchase of a new mail server 3. Which predefined process can help you recover when a project suffers a setback? a. contingency planning 4. What view of a project plan depicts tasks on a horizontal timeline? b. Gantt chart 5. In any networking project, which of the following implementation steps should come first? d. Identify the need for a project. 6. You have researched a new type of switch and proved that upgrading your switches to this model is feasible. What step do you take next before replacing your old switches? b. Evaluate the new switch on a pilot network that mimics your network environment. 7. Which of the following is an example of test criteria that can be used to accurately evaluate the success of an organization’s network backbone upgrade? d. Did the change result in a 30% reduction in the time that it takes for data to travel from the router in building A to the router in building B? 8. Which of the following practices creates a starting point for ongoing evaluation of your network’s health? c. baselining 9. You work for a medical transcription company that contracts with hundreds of transcriptionists across the country. The transcriptionists connect to your network over a VPN that provides remote access services. Employees work at all times of the day or night, and not all of the transcriptionists are connected at the same time. Further, the number of transcriptionists the company hires at any time depends on a variable workload. You need to determine whether to increase the number of licenses on your
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Ch15 - Network+ Guide to Networks, 4th Edition Solutions 15...

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