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HCA 210 Week 3-CheckPoint - Long-Term Care Simulation

HCA 210 Week 3-CheckPoint - Long-Term Care Simulation - The...

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The greatest challenge the case worker faced was making sure Mrs. W. was in the right living conditions according to her health at the time. The social worker had to keep close watch on her to make sure her needs were being met. There can be a small alternative to Mrs. W.‘s long-term care situation. Her only family is her daughter who is single mom of three kids. Her daughter already has lots of responsibilities to take care of by herself, and trying to take care of her mom as well would be too much for her to handle. The daughter could find her mom a long-term facility closer to her house. This way she could go visit her mom often. It would be good for her mother to have family near her that would visit. Social workers do run into problems when trying to place elderly people in long-term
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