HCA 210 Week 3-DQ 1

HCA 210 Week 3-DQ 1 - They did not know where he was or...

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We have a few different long-term facilities here where I live. There is really only one of them that I believe has all the essential services needed. The other ones do not have enough security I guess you can say. A friend of mine had her dad in one of the homes with no security and her dad walked out the home and was missing for hours. Not only was he missing, he came back covered in mud from head to toe.
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Unformatted text preview: They did not know where he was or what happen. My friend has since put her dad in the only home around here with security. He wears something like an ankle bracelet and if he tries to leave an alarm goes off. My friend feels her dad is safe now. We also have two different at home healthcare services here. Nurses go to elderly people’s homes and provide any medical care they need....
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