HCA 210 Week 5-DQ 2

HCA 210 Week 5-DQ 2 - contribute to a better economy I do...

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High cost of health care often prevents employers from provide health care coverage for their employees; employers can't afford to pay for the benefits. The cost of insurance has gone up which makes it almost impossible for both, employers and the employees to afford medical coverage. I think that the high cost keeps individuals from getting treatment for medical conditions he or she has. I think if government gets more involved in health care and will provide low cost and affordable medical benefits for the entire nation, everyone can take care of minor problems on time, before they grow up to serious disease. Less doctor's visits, sick days, and no-shows at work result in better performance at work, which is one way to
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Unformatted text preview: contribute to a better economy. I do not think there are many disadvantages. I think governmental involvement may lead to higher taxes, extreme governmental debt and possibly lower quality of medical services. One possible way of curbing the negative impact of rising health care costs is to provide health care coverage to patients who need it the most. There are patients who need health care coverage more than other patients. I also think if health care offered a better preventative medical care services, it could possibly be another way of curbing the negative impact. If we could catch things earlier then we would not have to spend the big dollars when it gets worse....
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