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HCA 210 Week 6-CheckPoint - My View on Health Care 2

HCA 210 Week 6-CheckPoint - My View on Health Care 2 - It...

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My View on Health Care 2 I do not agree with what selection two’s author said. There should not be a limit on health care. Whether someone is a hypochondriac or not he or she should be able to go to the doctor at any time. It is not fair to label someone as a hypochondriac. That is someone’s opinion not something proven. Just because someone goes to the doctor a lot, does not mean he or she is not sick every time. If health care providers start limiting doctor visits for people who go to the doctor a lot, they are going to end up with numerous severely sick people.
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Unformatted text preview: It is wrong to say that a person’s primary care physician should evaluate the person before referring them to the appropriate doctor to treat the problem. If the doctor is not specialized in a certain field, he or she should not be able to decide if a person needs to see a certain doctor. They are a doctor, but that does not mean they know everything about specific medical conditions. If all our medical decisions are put in one particular doctor’s hands, many diseases and illnesses may go untreated because of his or her inability to diagnosis them correctly....
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