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WK 8 CheckPoint legal terms

WK 8 CheckPoint legal terms - 1 Assault Is when someone...

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1) Assault - Is when someone threatens or attempts to harm someone else. 2) Breach of Confidentiality - Is when information has been disclosed without the patients consent. 3) Burden of Proof - Is the person who starts a complaint has to prove that someone else has caused them harm. 4) Confidentiality - Means keeping things secret and only the patient can authorize the information to be released. 5) Contempt of Court - Is when someone fails to obey a subpoena which is punishable by fines or imprisonment. 6) Coroner - Is someone who investigates someone’s death that was not caused by natural causes. 7) Court Order - Is a written order or command that has been ordered by the court or a judge. 8) Defendant - is a person whom the complaint is brought against. 9) Discovery
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