HCR 220 Week 6 Discussion Question 2

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HCR 220 Week 6 Discussion Question 2 Briefly explain the steps used to assign HCPCS codes for billing purposes. Look up the name of the supply or item in the index - alphabeticallyVerify the code selection in the correct Tabular list selectionCheck for the symbols next to some codes (new, revised and deleted)Review the description of quantities (dosage of medication)Provide additional information about services not listed Also, do you believe it is more or less efficient to use different billing procedures for Medicare, Medicaid, and private payers? Why or why not? I think that it is less efficient for there to be different procedures for Medicare, Medicaid and Private payers. This could cause a lot of confusion to personnel who are new and just learning the coding system. Example, a patient with private insurance has a test that is 100% covered but accidently codes to Medicare that may only pay for 50%
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