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HCR 220 Week 8 Discussion Question 2

HCR 220 Week 8 Discussion Question 2 - HCR 220 WEEK 8...

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HCR 220 WEEK 8 DISCUSSION QUESTION 2 If there is any missing or incomplete information in a file, it will cause delays in the time it takes to process the claim. Should the claim end up in court because of a dispute or issue with the claim, it will be much easier to resolve if all the information is complete and accurate. In order to ensure that all information is complete and accurate on the claim, it would be important to make sure the information regarding the payer is complete, all the procedure codes are valid, the name of the facility is listed, address, zip code, and state abbreviations are correct, and the information on the insurance is listed correctly. If any of this information is not listed correctly, it must be
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