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Unformatted text preview: 1References - DeltaWerken Online. DeltaWerken Online Foundation. 7/15/2006. <> - Delta Works. Wikipedia. 7/15/06. <> - SEMP Biot #318: How the Netherlands Defends the Largest Port in Europe Against Flooding. Suburban Emergency Management Project. 7/18/06. <> - New Waterway Storm Surge Barrier. Keringhuis. 7/17/06. <> - Memory of The Netherland. Koninklijke Bibliotheek. <> - “How To Maintain Sustainable Development In The Netherlands”. Sustainable Development of Deltas SDD ’98. Oudshoorn, Henk, Bart Schultz, Anne van Urk, and Paul Zijderveld. Netherlands: Delft University Press, 1999. pgs. 279-297. - ...
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