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Soils Project - Introduction Paragraph

Soils Project - Introduction Paragraph - The Delta Works...

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CEG4011 Soils Mechanics Group III Project Summer 2006 Group Members: David Thomas Nick Hernandez Jordan Schrader Allison Gilbert Jorel Vaccaro Eric Mccartney This project will inform the class on the flood defense system of the Netherlands, known as the Delta Works Project. The Netherlands is a country on the North Sea protected by a massive dike and levee system. In the year 1953, a catastrophic flood breached the levee system killing over 1,800 people and covering much of the country.
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Unformatted text preview: The Delta Works project was begun to prevent this disaster from reoccurring. The System involves massive dikes, levees, and 13 dams in total. However due to rising sea levels and mainland subsidence, the Delta Works Project has become critical for protecting the people of the Netherlands. The group will work as a team to present an informative presentation on the geotechnical features of the project, emphasizing its impact on society. Reference Web Site: http://www.deltawerken.com...
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