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The Oosterschelde Problem

The Oosterschelde Problem - many residents feared for the...

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The Oosterschelde Problem In the 1970s nearly all of the delta protection in the Netherlands was complete, except for the largest, the Oosterschelde. In 1970 the oosterschelde was a 475 square kilometer (117,000 acre) delta. The mouth of the delta is 9 kilometer (roughly 5.63 miles) across. A dam was originally planned to seal off the delta and form a massive freshwater lake. Construction was quickly met with controversy. The local fisherman as well as
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Unformatted text preview: many residents feared for the lives of the thousands of marine species that would no longer survive in the freshwater environment. The Dutch had previously formed an organization to oversee water control and public works, and they were directed to oversee the dilemma. The organization focused their efforts on examining the idea of a storm surge barrier, as opposed to a sealed barrier....
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