Lecture 3, Jan 29 - o Psychomotor(motor skills physical and...

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Lecture 3 - Bloom’s Taxonomy o Breaks down what you need to learn o Illustrates how you think of material - Learning o Take/gain from experience - Memory o Anatomical and chemical change in cells - Metacognition o Meta: beyond o Cognition: to come to know Processing and using information o Cognition is what is done in class o Metacognition is what is done outside of class You analyzing how well I’m doing at learning and start searching for better ways of learning Spend 10-12 hours of studying More info in GB so 14-16 hrs 3 hours per a credit - 3 Dom ains to learning o Cognitive (knowledg e)- anything going to b e learned is broken down 6 levels of cognition Knowledg e Comprehension o Rewarded for in High school and most com mon Application
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Analysis Synthesis Evaluation o College  o 2 STEPS Long term such as Med school Working world Must apply knowledge and comprehension o Affective (attitude)-behavior
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Unformatted text preview: o Psychomotor (motor skills)- physical and takes practice-Beowulf- told prior to writing o Person who told the story was repository of facts (knowledge and comprehension) o Reason: we have to apply knowledge and comprehension o Biological example: Parts of flowers: needs to be labeled Can relate to it • What’s that for, why is this there (application, analysis, and synthesis) • Why does a plant have a flower o To reproduce sexually Because you get a variation in offspring o As we look at materials we need to have Bloom’s taxonomy in mind knowing the answer to the hows and why things work-Standard Homework should be done in the hows and whys-Bloom’s levels o Global wamring o Doctors...
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Lecture 3, Jan 29 - o Psychomotor(motor skills physical and...

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