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Homework No. 1 EML 3100 Due Friday May 27,2011 1. Two air streams are to be mixed for a process. One air stream is flowing at 3000cfm and is at 75 deg F db and 50% rh. The other air stream is flowing at 400cfm and is at 98deg F db and 78 deg F wb. If these two air streams mix in a well-insulated mixing box (adiabatic process), what is the final dry bulb temperature of the mixture? What is the dew point temperature for this mixture? 2. 8500 CFM of air at 35 deg F is to be heated to 110deg F before entering a warehouse where it will condition the warehouse for winter conditions. What would the capacity of the heating coil (btu/h) have to be to accommodate this heating process? If the heating coil was an electric coil, what would be its approximate rating in kW? (hint: this is a simple conversion from the btu/h number you go to kW!!) 3. A rigid tank has a volume 5 m 3 and a pressure of 200kPa absolute. A site glass on the side of the tank indicates that 30% of the tank’s volume is liquid
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Unformatted text preview: water. Assuming thermal equilibrium, find the mass of the liquid in kg, mass of the vapor in kg, quality of the two phase mixture and the temperature, deg C. 4. A rigid tank has a volume of 75 cubic feet and contains 5 lbm of water. The temperature of the tank is at 350 deg F. What is the state of the fluid in the tank? Find the specific volume (ft3/lbm) of the water in the tank. 5. Complete the following table of properties of moist air used typically in air conditioning design: Tdb Twb %rh v w h Tdp deg F deg F ft3ma grain s btu deg F lbmda lbmda lbmda 75 50 indoor design conditions 95 78 Gainesville outdoor design 32 30 winter outdoor design 85 65 mixed air conditions typical 75 56 55 53 cooling coil leaving cond. 105 50 heating coil leaving cond. db = dry bulb dp = dew point wb = wet bulb ma= moist air da = dry air...
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