soln to extra credit rankine cycle 2011

soln to extra credit rankine cycle 2011 - 3741877.7 lb/hr...

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Solution to Extra Credit Problem generator output 600 MW turbine ouput 631.58 MW for an effic. of 95% Turbine ouput ### btu/h h into turb 1430 btu/lbm 1.56 btu/lb R is entropy h out of turb 854.1 btu/lbm for same entropy as entering and pressure = 0.7psia h out of cond 58.11 h out of pump 58.11 Mass flow rate of steam = Turbine ouput/(delta h across turbine)=
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Unformatted text preview: 3741877.7 lb/hr Condenser output = mass flow rate of steam X delta h across condenser = ### btu/h condenser output in btu/h = gpm * 500 * water delta T gpm = ### gpm vol flow rate= (gpm /60)*(1ft3/7.48gal) 2654.63 ft3/s pipe area = volume flow rate/velocity = 265.46 ft2 diameter = 18.38 ft pump water Hp = 6375.83...
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