Business - Options for Growth Strengths, Weakness,...

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Options for Growth 1 Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats of Merging with another organization When a company or organization wants to grow, there are a few different avenues in which their goal can be achieved. In this section of the paper were going to examine the merger route. A merger can help a company from a variety of standpoints: financially, logistically, and can give smaller companies credibility and name recognition. Although most mergers are successful, companies should do a great deal research study before they team up with another organization. Just like any decision a company might make, proper research and comprehension of the positives and negatives that exist must be studied before deciding to merge with another brand. Merging offers some great benefits to organization looking to expand. First off, a merger is cheaper and more cost-effective than acquiring a competitor. Merging allows two organizations to pool resources, exchange idea’s, and grow as one recognizable brand in the marketplace. Merging also can give instant credibility to a smaller company. Berry’s can gain all these positives from merging without investing a ton or putting strain on current cash flow. Berry’s
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Business - Options for Growth Strengths, Weakness,...

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