Final Report---expt6 - Experiment 6: Heat of Combustion...

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Experiment 6: Heat of Combustion Group 2 Dizon, Darwin G. ABSTRACT The experiment focuses on the study of the heat of combustion. This reaction involves oxygen as a reagent reacting with the compound being tested namely, in this experiment, benzoic acid, naphthalene, and sucrose. One of the major goals is a successful comparison between the heat of combustion of a non-aromatic and an aromatic compound. Thus, calorimetry is used in the study of the compounds of differing aromaticity. This was made through the use of constant-volume/adiabatic/bomb calorimeter. The temperature change determines the heat evolved. The result was compared to the literature value of the heat of combustion of a particular sample reagent. Keywords: heat of combustion, aromatic compounds, non-aromatic compounds, calorimetry, adiabatic/bomb calorimeter INTRODUCTION One of the sections in the study of calorimetry is the heat of combustion. Combustion or burning is an exothermic chemical reaction or process in the presence of oxygen so as heat of combustion is the heat evolved or produced out of this burning. This produced energy can be measured, for either solid or liquid, with the use of a bomb calorimeter which is, in this exhibition, an adiabatic calorimeter. The term adiabatic used in the description means a process in which there is no heat gained or lost by the system, in this study, by the calorimeter. This method, in doing so, consists of burning a compound in high pressure oxygen maintaining a constant volume (the bomb calorimeter is also called constant-volume calorimeter ). As the temperature change is being measured, the heat, which is the change in internal energy (∆ ) U , can be determined. In relation to the
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Final Report---expt6 - Experiment 6: Heat of Combustion...

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