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Unformatted text preview: down, washed away, or used up by other cells and enzymes that are located in the synapse cells How Does the Action Potential Occur?... Most of the time. Occur?... Once the dendrites of the new neuron have been Once “activated” by neurotransmitters from the previous neuron, a change in the electrical charge of the new neuron begins in the axon hillock neuron This charge is then sent down the axon of the cell in This order to tell the terminal branches of that cell to release a neurotransmitter to the new adjacent cells neurotransmitter In other words, if we find more synapses, more In neurotransmitters, and specifically, more excitatory neurotransmitters, we’ll see a neuron that’s more active neurotransmitters, The Supporting Staff The Glia Cells – Glia cells that support neurons by by Removing Removing waste waste Synchronizing Synchronizing activity Insulating Insulating neurons (protection and mylenation) mylenation) How Does Knowing This Help Us? How By understanding the construction of our By neurons, we can better appreciate the construction of our nervous system and the errors that can occur errors Also, by understanding how our neurons work, Also, we can start to understand how we can measure the activity and changes that occur in the brain the...
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