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Exam 1 Review midterm-1 - N ST 10 I n t roduction to H...

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NST 10 – Introduction to Human Nutrition University of California, Berkeley Spring 2011 Exam 1 Review INTRODUCTION AND MY PYRAMID 1. What are some general concepts of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans? Are these guidelines food-based or nutrient-based? The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are a set of diet and lifestyle recommendations designed to promote health and reduce the risk of chronic disease. They are both based on the food ideals (from MyPyramid) and Nutrient (RDI’s) based. 2. What are the food groups MyPyramid is organized into? What does MyPyramid symbolize? Grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat or beans. My Pyramid symbolizes the proportions or different foods in a healthy diet, based on nutrient needs. 3. What does 3 oz of meat look like? 1 oz of grain? What size does a small fist or a baseball represent? 3 oz meat is said to resemble a deck of cards. A small fist or baseball represents 1 cup. 4. What are discretionary calories? Give a few examples of foods that provide these calories. Calories that are not necessary to fulfill nutrient requirements, eg: potato chips, candy, cookies, and ice cream. 1
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5. What are the key things you should look for on the food label when choosing a healthy food? Ingredients list, claims made, % DV, and calories. 6. What are the differences between structure/function, health and nutrient claims? What are the requirements for nutrient claims? Nutrient claims are about the presence or amount of a particular nutrient in a food (eg. High in fiber”), health claims make a statement about the health benefits of a food regarding its ability of potentially decreasing the risk of a chronic disease, and the structure/ function claims. Digestion
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Exam 1 Review midterm-1 - N ST 10 I n t roduction to H...

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