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Dharmatej Mikkilineni AP European History Due Date 9/5 Period 2 Chapter 12: The Crisis of the Later Middle Ages Review Questions 1. What were the causes of the population decline that begun in the early fourteenth century? There were four main causes of the population decline in the fourteenth century. The first cause was the Little Ice Age, which destroyed the grain, livestock, and dairy products, causing severe starvation. The second was the great famine of France that caused about one-third of Burgundy to die off. The third cause was an epidemic of typhoid fever, killing many people and animals. The last major cause was because of the Black Death, and its wide spreading disease capabilities. (pg. 379) 2. What was the source if the bubonic plague and why did it spread so rapidly in Europe? The source of the bubonic plague came from Khan Djani-Beg who had prisoners of the town he was laying siege to have their heads chopped off, so that he could hurl the heads back and give the people in the town disease. This was where the first Pasteurella pestis virus entered the bloodstream of a human. After the infections reached the rats, they carried it on ships from and to the countries across the seas. With a combination of the rats and people on the ships carrying the disease, it spread very quickly. (pg.’s 380-381) 3. What impact did the plague have on wages and demand for labor? What happened to land values? The demand for labor and wages went way up since in the early fourteenth century, Europe suffered from overpopulation. With the plague killing around 16,000 people, it led to a productivity increase by balancing out land, labor, and capitol evenly among Europe. The land values increased since the few people left were trying to get jobs. If you had land, you could give people jobs on it, and create a fortune. Before the plague, there were so many people laboring and having land that everyone had to give a minimum wage, or the laborers would go to a higher paying land area. Now though, since people died, you give low wage, and there is now where for the laborers to go to, and have to accept the price. (pg. 384) 4. Describe the psychological effects of the plague. How did people explain this disaster? The psychological effects of the plague that occurred were disbelief, mourn, fear, and instability. People viewed the plague as a divine punishment from god himself. (pg.’s 385-386) 5. What were the immediate and other causes of the Hundred Years’ War? An immediate cause of the war was that Phillip IV of England tried to exercise full jurisdiction, confiscating the duchy. An effect of the war being long, was that
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France was having a civil war in its beliefs. France contained French Barons who were supporting Phillip IV ’s justification of him being the next king of France.
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Study_Guide_12-Dharma - Dharmatej Mikkilineni AP European...

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