othello - Anshum Sood Period. 3 Othello Study Guide Act 1...

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Anshum Sood Period. 3 Othello Study Guide Act 1 1. Iago is angry at the beginning of the play because he does not get promoted to Lieutenant, which Cassio does. Roderigo is unhappy because he does not marry Desdemona. 2. Brabantio is majorly prejudiced because of Othello’s dark skin color. He believes that, due to Othello’s color, he is a wild, ugly, old beast that Desdemona would never marry in her right mind. Another factor that leads to his anger of Desdemona’s marriage to Othello is based on the fact that back then, daughters were considered like property of the father, who would sell her into a rich family, in hopes of getting money. In this case, Desdemona herself just marries a man, who has no riches to offer in return. 3. Othello’s verse is more fluent and better put together than that of Iago’s, thus, Othello speaks with greater eloquence and composure. 4. Desdemona likes the stories Othello tells of his adventures and admires his bravery and valor, which attract her towards him. These are not the qualities of a good marriage because they are too superficial. Desdemona only loves Othello for his stories and adventures, but not him as a person. 5. His hatred of Othello are because Othello does not give him the position of lieutenant and because he thinks Othello has slept with his wife. There are also probably some other motives along with this that contribute to his hatred of Othello 6. No, blank verse does not restrict Shakespeare’s ability to use a variety of characters because he deviously works around it, being the great literary master that he is. Just because each character speaks in the same rhythm, does not mean that they have the same verbal traits because he tweaks them. 7. Writing Activity: Before the act starts, Roderigo has come over to Iago explaining to him how Desdemona is not marrying him, especially after he has been forking over money to Iago to help him get suited to Desdemona. In act 1, Roderigo is furious and speaks to Iago about Desdemona. He is especially mad because Iago said he would help Roderigo wed Desdemona, which does not actually happen and Desdemona just ends up marrying Othello. In the act, they also go over to Brabantio’s house and tell him what his daughter is doing and how she has wed Othello, which Iago mischievously concocts to get Desdemona’s family against her.
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othello - Anshum Sood Period. 3 Othello Study Guide Act 1...

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