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separate piece questions

separate piece questions - Sood 1 Anshum Sood Mrs Weldon...

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Sood 1 Anshum Sood Mrs. Weldon Pre-AP English 10 – Period 3 14 October 2007 A Separate Piece Reading Guide Chapters 1-2(Pages 1-24) 1. What is the mood at Devon during the summer of 1942? The mood is very serious for most of the school, but not quite as serious for the underclassmen because they do not have to go to war just yet, and so are not being trained as hard, unlike the seniors. 2. What do Gene’s and Finny’s descriptions of the tree reveal about each of them? Gene was very scared of the tree and thought it to be very big, which shows him not being very courageous and daring. Finny thinks it is really small and easy to jump off, showing his athleticism, daringness, and leadership skills. Since Finny forced Gene to jump, it portrays him as being the overpowering person over Gene. 3. What are Gene’s conflicting feelings toward Finny? Gene dislikes how Finny gets away with everything is considered the most popular person around, but at the same time Finny considers Gene to be his best friend. Gene likes and dislikes Finny at the same time. 4. How does the war affect the teachers’ responses to Gene, Finny, and the other boys in their classes? The teachers were not as strict because they realized how innocent they were. The kids symbolize the peace that the war is trying to achieve. 5. Why does Finny urge Gene to jump from the tree a second time? Finny urged Gene to jump from the tree a second time because he wanted to jump together with him so that they can cement
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Sood 2 their partnership and form a suicide society, with the requirement of entrance being to jump out of the tree. 6. Wring Activity: Why does Gene let finny talk him into jumping out of the tree? Write a paragraph explaining what Gene’s emotions and actions reveal about his character. As Gene was climbing up the ladder of the tree for the first time, he reveals that he is feeling unnaturally lightheaded, and he was filled with “a sensation of alarm all the way to [his] tingling fingers.” This shows that he is not as courageous as Finny, who went up tree and jumped off with ease. His emotions also show that he is also more thoughtful because he knows the jump could hurt the jumper. Gene also lets Finny talk him into making the jump, which he would not have even considered of doing, which shows Finny’s influence on him, and his obedience to his friend. Chapter 3-4 (pages 53-77) 1. Why doesn’t Finny want Gene to tell anyone about the record-breaking swim? Finny doesn’t Gene to tell anyone about the record-breaking swim because Finny likes to play sports for what they really mean; he does not want any kind of trophy for playing them. He wants to make an environment that is separate from the people serving in the war. If Gene tells people about the record-breaking swim, it would bring in adults, who he wants to keep away, and he would win praise, like the kind soldiers get for heroic things, which he does not want.
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separate piece questions - Sood 1 Anshum Sood Mrs Weldon...

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