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all quiteonwestern front - Anshum Sood Period 3 Chapters...

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Anshum Sood Period. 3 Chapters 1-2 1. (a) What is the setting of this novel? The story is set on the Western Front. (b) How does the setting help create the novel’s action? The setting helps because it takes place in a place where fighting occurs, which helps create the novel’s action. Sometimes fighting also does not occur in the front, which accounts for the personal friendships between the people. 2. (a) What does Paul think about Kantorek? Paul thinks of Kantorek as responsible for his life and of some others because he was the one who persuaded them into it. Paul does not like him very much. (b) Why does he feel this way? He feels this way because Kantorek persuaded him and his friends to enlist in the war. 3. How do the soldiers seem to fell about one another? The soldiers seem to care for one another because they are the closest thing to family they have for each other. 4. Why is Kemmerich’s death so hard for Paul to accept? Kemmerich’s death is so hard for Paul to accept because it is the first death out of their group and it hits close to them. He has trouble facing the reality of war. 5. Writing Activity: In a paragraph, tell what the reader learns about Paul in these chapters. Sum up his old life and his life now. Paul is a soldier for Germany and fighting against France. He and his friends enlisted because their teacher, Kantorek, told them it was their duty. He used to have a happy, safe life. Now he has a scary, tough life in the army. Chapters 3-4 1. (a) What is the novel’s point of view? The novel’s point of view is first person told by Paul. (b) How does this point of view help shape what the novel is like? It helps you see the war through the eyes of the young soldiers. 2. Why is being friends with Katczinsky such a good thing in this war? It is such a good thing because without a friend, a person would get lonely, and because Kat is a good scavenger and can bring food for him. 3. Why does Tjaden hate Himmelstoss? He hates him because he made fun of his bedwetting and embarrassed him by sleeping with another bed wetter.
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