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Sood 1 Anshum Sood Mrs. Weldon Pre-AP English 10 – Period 3 1 November 2007 To Blame or Not to Blame? “Obesity in children has tripled in the past thirty years” (Obesity in America), which negatively affects our society because it promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. This increase in obesity negatively affects our society because it encourages an unhealthy society. Because of the evidence presented, we cannot argue with the fact that obesity is on the rise, but we can attest what the significant factors behind its rise comprise of. In his recent work, Zinczenko offers harsh critiques of fast-food companies for the increase in obesity in America by conceding that due to the lack of information and no alternatives for buying cheap food, fast-food companies contribute heavily to the obesity in America. I am of two minds about Zinczenko’s claim that fast-food companies hold the sole responsibility for the obesity in America. On the one hand, I agree that fast-food companies contribute to the obesity in America because of the lack of information they provide their customers. On the other hand, I am not sure if fast-food companies should take all the blame because we, the consumers, choose to walk inside fast-food joints and choose to eat their food and ignore the other options available to us; they do not force it upon us. When we go grocery shopping, the products we purchase many a time depend on the nutrition labels located on the back of the provisions. If something has too much fat or sodium than what we think we need, we usually think twice before purchasing it; most of the times we just put it back on the shelf and keep shopping. The same cannot be proclaimed about fast-food products because “prepared food [is not] covered under Food and Drug Administration labeling
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Sood 2 laws” (Zinczenko). That means that fast-food restaurants can keep preparing their fattening foods without informing their customers of what they contain, which directly affects the people. My family has had its fair share of experience with this, because my mom, being the health “freak” that she is, checks the nutrition facts on everything to make sure it fits and does not exceed the recommended diet. However when my mother walks into a fast-food chain, the
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dontblameeateressay - Sood 1 Anshum Sood Mrs. Weldon Pre-AP...

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