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snow falling on cedars

snow falling on cedars - Sood 1 Anshum Sood Mrs Weldon...

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Sood 1 Anshum Sood Mrs. Weldon Pre-AP English 10 – Period 3 10 August 2007 A Snowy Forecast Playing in the snow can be fun, but as many can attest too, also quite precarious. When we have fun playing in the snow, we rarely think about the negative consequences of our actions, such as taking a big fall while snowboarding and maybe even breaking a bone or two by doing so, or even getting caught in the midst of a dangerous snowstorm, which can wreck havoc in an entire city. Snow can be entertaining, yet dangerous at the same time, and it is this dual nature that it possesses that makes snow an important element in the book Snow Falling on Cedars , important enough for David Guterson, the author, to include it in the title of the book. In the novel, “snow (has) covered all the island roads” (Guterson 252), and this “inclement weather” (Guterson 313) occurring in San Piedro is one for the decade. Guterson did not put a harsh snowstorm into the setting of the book for nothing; he knew that snow signifies many other things besides just being something white and fluffy.
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