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Anshum Sood Ms. Brydon AP Environmental Science 5 July 2007 Stemming Tide of Plastic Bags, Published June 12, 2007 Plastic bags that we get from stores are becoming a serious environmental issue. Californians dispose of 19 billion plastic bags each year, which clog many of the landfills for they do not decompose, create litter, and present an overall environmental challenge. California has started cutting down on its hordes of plastic bags by starting a mandatory recycling program. The aim of the effort is to get consumers to change their habits and recycle the bags, instead of throwing them away, which would help keep the environment clean. Plastic bag manufacturers are encouraging the efforts because it helps in giving an enormous amount of plastic to
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Unformatted text preview: manufacture into different products. Plastic bags are a hundred percent recyclable, so there is no reason why people should not recycle them. Due to this law, the state of California is requiring stores bigger than 10,000 square feet of retail space and earning more than two million dollars in annual sales that use plastic bags, to make recycling bins for plastic bags available for the public. The industry moved from paper bags to plastic bags in hopes to save trees and better the environment, but due to the large number of plastic bags that are not being recycled, the effect plastic bags are having are negative. State agencies are encouraging people to recycle their plastic bags, so they can also help the environment....
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