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Anshum Sood Ms. Brydon AP Environmental Science 7 July 2007 Another Water Deal is Sought : Published 9 June 2007 Senator Dianne Feinstein is trying to make another California water deal involving San Joaquin Valley irrigation drainage. The state’s main water players sat around and discussed a drainage issue. The problem, used irrigation water which is tainted by selenium, which is stuck beneath farmland, is rising up to poison plant roots, thus causing a major environmental problem. Without a drainage outlet in effect, the water is building up and killing thousands of plant and animal life in the area. The solution to this major problem is still being discussed, but one
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Unformatted text preview: possibility is to spend an estimated $2.6 billion to clean up the disastrous mess. Whatever the solution is, the money will be coming out of the taxpayers’ wallets. Feinstein says they are going to fix the problem the right way, regardless of the time needed. This is not Feinstein’s first role in California water disputers; she has played to other similar roles before and therefore is experienced in this kind of issue. If all goes right, they should be able to fix this major environmental issue soon, so they can avoid more deaths of plants and animals due to the bad irrigation water....
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