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article 5 - Anshum Sood Ms Brydon AP Environmental Science...

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Anshum Sood Ms. Brydon AP Environmental Science 7 July 2007 Cheney’s Role to be Probed in Salmon Die-off : Published 29 June 2007 The House Natural Resources Committee said that it will keep hearings into Vice President Dick Cheney’s involvement in Klamath water management, which so many believe resulted in the deaths of more than 70,000 salmon fish four years ago. Many think that the administration will do anything for political gain, even if it results in the disasters of natural resources. The article says that Cheney raised concerns about the stop in deliveries of irrigation water and urged the Interior Department to get a report from the National Academy of Sciences on justification behind stopping the delivering of irrigation water and to help with his goal, getting water back to farmers. BLM was siding with a finding by scientists who stated that if water was returned to farmers, there would be thousands of dead salmon and suckerfish.
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