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Anshum Sood Ms. Brydon AP Environmental Science 20 July 2007 Ikea Charges 5 Cents for Plastic Bags and Gets Mixed Reactions : Published 16 July 2007 Ikea has taken the first step to a better environment by charging people for plastic bags. Plastic bags, which Ikea is selling for about five cents a pop, clog landfills because they don’t decompose, ruins forests, and kills animals. In the race to be greener than the opposition, Ikea is getting appraisal from environmentalists. Despite the benefits it will do to the environment by charging for plastic bags, many people are against paying for bags because they feel it should be for free. To encourage customers, Ikea has signs
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Unformatted text preview: displaying the negative outcome of plastic bags in the environment and thus justifying their means. Americans toss about 100 billion plastic bags, and less than one percent of them are recycled. The company is aiming for cutting down plastic bag usage by about fifty percent in one year. The charge on plastic bags compels customers to just carry out their goods without bags, thus lowering the plastic bag usage. Despite the mixed reviews the charge on plastic bags is getting, it will help make the environment better. This article is related to the environment because it shows business taking the first step towards a better planet earth....
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