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biome project outline - Sood and Patel 1 Anshum Sood and...

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Sood and Patel 1 Anshum Sood and Manjil Patel Ms. Brydon AP Environmental Science/ Period. 4 14 October 2007 Outline 1. Climate and Seasonal Change A: Weather: Wet winters, cool and cloudy summers due to its location. The farther from the equator you go, the colder it gets in the forests. B: Precipitation: They get on average anywhere from 50-60 inches of rainfall. 2. Geographic Region A: Topographic Location: They are situated ideally between a coast and a mountain range. The mountain keeps the moisture acts as a barrier and keeps moisture from the ocean inside, which is why it is often cloudy. B: Location: 37-60 degrees from the equator. C: Tongass: Located 59.58 degrees north latitude. It is in southeast Alaska. D: Other locations: In the Northern Hemisphere, they include the redwood forests of California and Oregon. In the Southern Hemisphere, they include the forests in western New Zealand. 3. Human Activities in Tongass A: Deforestation: It has already resulted in the destruction of over fifty percent of the worlds temperate rain forests. Has lead to destruction of seventy percent of the old growth trees in the Tongass, which are essential to its biome. B: Road Building: Human activity that has biggest impact on the biome besides like dumping oil everywhere or things like that. It leads to loss of precious land and
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Sood and Patel 2 shelter of many of the species that live in temperate rain forests. In Tongass, 4,600 miles have been put down, in the doing so, many animals, plants, trees have been killed. It also leads to much pollution in the ecosystem of the biome, which also kills many animals. It destabilizes soil, triggers landslides.
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biome project outline - Sood and Patel 1 Anshum Sood and...

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