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1 Anshum Sood and Manjil Patel Ms. Brydon AP Environmental Science- Period. 4 3 February 2008 Energy Efficiency Define, Describe and Explain Topic: The textbook definition for energy efficiency is that it is “the percentage of total energy input into an energy conversion device or system that does useful work and is not converted to low-quality, essentially useless heat” (Miller 381). What that is pretty much saying is that energy efficiency is how much useful work something can do with a given input of energy. Energy efficiency is mainly given as a percent, output/input x 100. There are two laws of efficiency. The first-law efficiency is the “ratio of the actual amount of energy delivered where it is needed to the amount of energy supplied in order to meet that need; expressed as a percentage” (Botkin 350). First-law efficiencies are deceptive because a high percentage, which is often incorrectly so, shows little room to save energy. The second-law efficiency “refers to how ell matched the energy end use is with the quality of the energy source” (Botkin 350), which is much more important to us because the smaller percentage that comes from the second-law efficiency shows us that there is much more room for improvement. To make the energy efficiency of something greater involves getting more work done with a lesser amount of energy inputted. Most of the time the energy efficiency is a lot less than 100 percent because a lot of energy is lost into the surroundings as heat, as per what the second law of thermodynamics states. Energy efficiency is very important to us because it determines how much actual work can be done by using a product with a certain type of fuel. It is an essential concept for decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels because with higher energy efficiency, lesser
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2 amounts of fuels are used up. You get higher energy efficiency by doing more work with less amount of fuel. Advantages : Advantages of having greater energy efficiency are great. Greater energy efficiency would drastically reduce our dependence on certain fuels, especially oil, which’s prices have been skyrocketing.
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energyefficeintyproj - 1 Anshum Sood and Manjil Patel Ms...

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