study guide 1 - Name Date 1 Wilhelm Wundt's laboratory work...

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Name: __________________________ Date: _____________ 1. Wilhelm Wundt's laboratory work involved experimental studies of: sound and people responding to ball hitting ground. “atoms of the mind” 2. Introspection was the basic research tool used by Wundt in order to study people's inner sensations and mental images. Introspection-self examination of one’s own emotional states and mental processes. James also did introspective examination of the stream of consciousness and of emotion. 3. Humanistic psychologists focused attention on the importance of people's: behaviors, softer 1960s response to Freudian psych. It emphasized the importance of current environmental influences on our growth potentioal nad the importance of meeting our needs for love and acceptance. 4. Cognitive neuroscience studies relationships between: study of brain activity underlying thought. 5. Contemporary psychology is best defined as the scientific study of: behavior and mental processes. 6. Plato's assumption that certain ideas are inborn is most directly relevant to the controversy regarding: nature – nurture issue, the controversy over the relative contributions of biology and experience. Nature mainly. 7. Lissette wonders whether personality differences between her African-American and Asian-American friends result from biological or cultural influences. In this instance, Lissette is primarily concerned with the relative contributions of: cultural influences. 8. The biopsychosocial approach provides an understanding of social-cultural influences integrated within the larger framework of: 9. The distinctive feature of the psychodynamic perspective is its emphasis on: how behavior springs from unconscious drives and conflicts.
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10. Which perspective would focus on the extent to which different styles of parenting are
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study guide 1 - Name Date 1 Wilhelm Wundt's laboratory work...

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