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1. By professional training, Freud was a: doctor, in nervous disorders 2. Freud became interested in unconscious personality dynamics when he noticed that certain patients' symptoms: that made no neurological disorders. 3. Free association is central to the process of: psychoanalysis 4. According to Freud, the unconscious is: a reservoir of mostly unacceptable thoughts, wishes, feelings, and memories. According to contemporary psychologists, information processing of which we are unaware. P459 5. According to psychoanalytic theory, the part of the personality that strives for immediate gratification of basic drives is the: id. P460 6. No matter how long and hard Lerae studies, she always feels she hasn't studied as much as she should have. A Freudian psychologist would suggest that Lerae shows signs of a: 7. Freud referred to a lingering focus of pleasure-seeking energies at an earlier psychosexual stage as: 8. According to Freud, boys are most likely to experience the Oedipus complex during the phallic________ stage. P461 9. During the early psychosexual stages, the id's psychic energy is focused on: distinct pleasure-sensitive areas of the body called erogenous zones. P461 10. According to psychoanalytic theory, boys' fear of castration is most closely associated with: 11. According to Freud, defense mechanisms are used by the: ego to reduce anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality. P462 12. Freud suggested that slips of the tongue illustrate an incomplete:
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study guide 5 - Psychology 300 Quiz 5 Study Guide Page 1 1....

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