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Psychology 300 Quiz 6 Study Guide Page 1
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1. Psychiatrists and psychologists label behavior as disordered when it is: persistently harmful thoughts, feelings, and actions, psychotlogists: deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional. P499 2. ADHD is diagnosed two to three times less________ often in girls than in boys. Over the past 20 years a(n) 10 perenet________ proportion of American children have been treated for this disorder. 3. In one study, rats were given prolonged exposure to Ritalin early in life. When the drug was withdrawn later in life, the rats were more likely to show symptoms of ________ than were their control-group counterparts. 4. According to the medical model, psychological disorders are: from psychological causes that can be diagnosed, treated, and in most cases, cured often through treatment in a hospital. P500 5. The discovery that psychologically disordered behavior could result from syphilis infections facilitated the credibility and acceptance of: 6. It would be most difficult to use the ________ to explain why anorexia nervosa occurs mostly in Western cultures.p502 7. DSM-IV focuses on clinicians' reports of observable behavior in order to: classify psychological disorders. , band also to predict its future course, imply appropriate treatment, and stimulate research into its causes. 8. One facet of the positive psychology movement has been the introduction of a classification system designed to aid in the process of: icd 9. A fundamental problem with the diagnostic labeling of psychologically disordered behaviors is that the labels often: create preconceptions that guide our perceptions and our interpretations. We view that person differently. P503 10. After George learned that Mrs. Min suffered from schizophrenia, he mistakenly
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study guide 6 - Psychology 300 Quiz 6 Study Guide Page 1 1...

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